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Pharmacy Fridges Canada is the distributor of Summit Refrigerators and Haier Medical Equipment in Canada. We are proud to offer a wide range of medical, vaccine and vaccine refrigerators and freezers for use in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention service. Summit Refrigerators and Haier Medical Equipment consist of blood bank refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators, ultra low temperature freezers and monitoring system which ensures each product is functioning effectively and efficiently.

Summit Refrigerators and Haier Medical Equipment are known for their exceptional quality, reliability, performance, accuracy and precision; and although Haier Medical Equipment are new to the Canadian market, they are widely used in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America over the past 10 years. Summit Refrigerators and Haier Medical Equipment are also the trusted medical equipment suppliers for the World Health Organization. Both Summit Refrigerators and Haier Medical Equipment are globally known for innovation and high quality, and Pharmacy Fridges/Freezer Canada is pleased to pioneer the launch of their cutting edge products in the Canadian market. 

We supply alternative units to Summit medical/pharmacy refrigerators. Please see our medical grade pharmacy refrigerators, laboratory fridges, blood bank fridges, -80 freezers, -86 freezer, -40 freezers, -20 freezers, laboratory freezer, laboratory ultra low temperature freezer, pharmaceutical refrigerator and travel insulin/diabetic cooler refrigerators in Canada.


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